Once upon a time...

Hear the storytellers of Ireland's Ancient East tell their tales

Loughcrew, County Meath

Murderous women, buried gold, magical rocks and fairy trees. In Ireland’s Ancient East, stories are all around, blurring the lines between history and myth and turning ordinary folk into legends. But a story is only as good as its teller. Come and listen to the people who bring the past to vivid, dramatic life...

The Highwayman's Gold

There’s treasure to be uncovered in County Waterford’s Comeragh Mountains. Pat “The Hat” Speight tells the tale of the dashing 18th century highwayman William Crotty, and his hoard of lost riches.

The Black Widow

If you visit Castle Roche in County Louth, you can expect more than the ruins of a grand castle. Emily Collins weaves a chilling story of an ill-fated bridegroom, his murderous bride, and their restless spirits, which still linger among the stones.

The Goddess's Throne

What happens when a goddess falls from the sky in Ireland? Niall de Burca shares the legend of the Cailleach of Loughcrew in County Meath and her magical throne of rock. It's said that if you sit here and wish for your heart's desire, it might just come true.

The Fairy Tree

The fairy tree has been sitting proudly atop the Hill of Tara for thousands of years, watching over Leinster’s lush pastures. But when the modern world threatened to encroach on the realm of the fairies, says Steve Lally, the people protested…

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