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Golden Grove, Roscrea, Tipperary,

Go with the Flow offers canoeing holiday trails along Ireland's inland waterways. Stating 30 mins outside Dublin discover the beautiful Barrow . Or start in Dublin city and cycle to your river trail. Wild camping - Walk - Pedal - Paddle.

The Barrow river offer Classic canoe trails. Our business is primarily water based so you will be travelling by canoe. However we can incorporate cycling from Dublin city centre and a bit of walking also.

Our trail starts just 30 mins outside Dublin in Monasterevin. This dormatory town is accessible by bus every hour and by regular rail service or alternatively by bicycle along the Grand canal from the centre of the capital.

The Barrow was once a very busy trade highway with Barges plying their trade up and down the course delivering Guinness and other goods to the trade along the way. All this commercial traffic ceased about 50 years ago and what remains now is an absolute diamond that shines bright in the heart if the Irish countryside.

This waterway is slow-moving for the most part. Not much more than 100ft across at its widest and passes through magical countryside, wooded valleys and interesting villages and towns as it makes it way to sea about 70m miles from our starting point.

Along the way the river is so quiet and peacuful you will be afforded much time to reflect and de-stress. The features of the old navigation remain. The old locks still lift and lower the occasional small cruiser or fishing boat and are operated in the traditional manner by hand crank and push. Most of the lock keepers cottages along the route have been restored and are lived in however nature did get the better of some. The sparkling cascading weirs of which there are over 25 will delight you. They are so beautiful and you might even spot some Salmon or sea Trout leaping over these hand crafted dams. The river also passes through many old estates and interesting little villages who take great pride in presenting themselves well to those who care to stop and explore. And there is lots to discover. Ancient churches that date from the 6th century, castles, magnificent houses such as Borris - ancestral home of the Incredible Mr. Kavanagh. There are some great pubs for a pint or two and the resturaunts include many award winning family establishments. There is a brewery that welcomes visitors and so many more venues that are very worthwhile visiting especially all the beautiful gardens along the way.

What the guidebook misses I can help you with, so be sure to mention what you're interests are when booking.

Wildlife is abundant. I personally look forward to seeing the little ducklings in June. The Kingfisher are there all year round. You will find herons regularly and their cousin the Egret is to be seen also. Not to forget a whole host of smaller fliers. At the end of spring there will be a burst of Mayfly and many other aquatic insects. Butterflies bring colour throughout the summer along with the Damsels and Dragons. You have to keep a very sharp eye out for the otters as they are a bit shy but last year I was able to observe one eating a Salmon on the bank that it had just caught below the weir in Goresbridge. The Tidal section below ancient St Mullins cuts a deep gorge through a magnificant Pine lined valley as it makes it meandering way down to New Ross and Waterford. A visit to the Mulachain Café it a must before attempting this section. Beautiful homemade cakes a pies help build up the energy level as you sip freshly roasted coffee by the River. LOOK …… I could stay writing until my hand falls off - there is so much to See, Do and Enjoy . You will just have to take my word for it and come and discover the Barrow for yourself. Do it soon …. Life is too short. Can't wait to meet you, See you on the river ….. Charlie