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Franciscan Well Brewery and Brew Pub

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14B North Mall, Cork City, Cork,
T: +353(0)214393434

For a unique experience in Cork City, visit the Franciscan Well Brewery and Brew Pub. Located on the site of an old Franciscan monastery, the brewery offers classic beer styles and the pub is the perfect place to enjoy them.

The Franciscan Well Brewery was founded in 1998 on the North Mall in Cork City and is built on the site of an old Franciscan monastery and well, dating back to the year 1219. Legend has it that the water from the well has miraculous and curative properties and people would come from afar to drink it.

The brewery has combined modern technology with old-age tradition in forming classic beer styles including lager, ale, stout and wheat beer. All the beers brewed at the Franciscan Well are natural. They do not contain any chemical additives or preservatives and are made with the best ingredients.

The brew pub houses three serving vessels located directly behind the bar that dispense beer to the taps. The tanks offer the beer drinker a unique setting in which to enjoy craft brewed beer.

Irish Music Evenings

Monday - Blues music from 21:30

Tuesday - Traditional Irish music and Jazz from 21:30

Wednesday - Seanchaí (traditional Irish storyteller) from 31:00

Wood-fired, stone-baked pizza Monday-Saturday

Drink & Draw every 2 weeks on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays from 20:00