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Saintfield translates from Irish (Tamhnach Naomh) as Field of the Saints. Saintfield is a market town located in mid-County Down. Saintfield was originally an early 17th century settlement and the present town form dates back to the early 18th century. The village had a number of corn, flour and fax mills, the remains of which are visible today and it has retained a tradition of textile manufacture through Saintfield Yarns. Th architectural and historic significance of its town centre is reflected in its designation as a Conservation Area in 1997. Saintfield is probably most famous for the battle that took place there in June 1798, between the United Irishmen and the York fencibles and local yeomanry during the Irish rebellion.

The Rowallane Gardens, now under the management of the National Trust, is situated just outside the village. These exotic gardens were started over 100 years ago.