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The Bridge Pottery

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Coalsfarm, Burnchurch, Off Callan/Cork road, Kilkenny,
Mr Mark Campden
T: +353(0)567729156

The Bridge Pottery in Cuffes Grage, County Kilkenny specialises in hand painted tiles and ceramics. Potter Mark Camden works in earthenware clay, with tin-glaze and oxide decoration drawing inspiration from imagery inspired by nature.

The Bridge Pottery in Cuffes Grange, County Kilkenny specialises in Irish pottery including individually handmade and hand painted tiles and ceramics by Mary O'Gorman and Mark Campden.

Mark Campden came to live in Ireland in 1991, he works from his studio in Burnchurch near Callen. Most of his designs come from the natural world. He also draws inspiration from other sources, including English Medieval, Italian majolica and Islamic pottery. Mark Campden's work is distinctive for the skill of his brushwork decoration, rich in imagery inspired by nature. Working in the traditional majolica technique, his pieces are first formed in earthenware clay and covered with a white tin glaze. The surface then becomes his canvas for meticulous decoration. Each detail in Mark's work is hand painted onto the piece in fluid brushstrokes.

A subtle range of colours is achieved by mixing natural oxides. Constant observation of life and behaviour in the natural world provides Mark with a continual reminder of life's challenges and an endless wealth of imagery to infuse his work. Mark was recently the recipient of several awards at the 2011 RDS National Crafts Competition including the Award of Excellence Reserve Prize, the Traditional First Prize in ceramics and the Crafts Council of Ireland Purchase Award.