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Shaftesbury Square Reformed Presbyterian Church For EHOD 2018

Sep 08 2018 - Sep 09 2018
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72 Dublin Road, Belfast, County Antrim,
T: (07504) 508 652

Originally named Dublin Road RPC, renamed Shaftesbury Sq RPC, joining Grosvenor Road RPC in 1978.

The church was originally named Dublin Road RPC but was renamed Shaftesbury Square RPC after joining with Grosvenor Road RPC in 1978.

Reformed Presbyterians are also known as Covenanters and we have an interesting exhibition on the history of the Covenanters in Ulster. At 14:00 Prof Robert McCollum (Lisburn RPC & Reformed Theological College) will speak on 'The streets have Covenanter names', looking at the history behind the names of Renwick Street, Cameron Street and Cargill Street.