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Goatober Supper Club

Oct 12 2019
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50 Straid Road, Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Becky Cole
T: (07435) 765 845

It’s all about goat at this months supper club at Broghgammon Farm.

It’s all about goat at this months supper club.
Bring your Own Bottle (BYOB)

Broughgammon Farm is a forward thinking family farm run by The Cole family. We aim to maintain high standards in the industry, paying particular attention to animal welfare, the environment, and global food security. In doing so we have begun to look "outside the box" of conventional agricultural norms.

The farm is situated three miles from the rugged North Antrim coastline, nestled between the towns of Ballycastle and Bushmills. Up a long winding lane off the Straid Road you will come to our haven, which is Broughgammon.