Get spooked with our Halloween quiz...

Ireland is the birthplace of Halloween, so prepare to test your nerves with our ghoulish quiz!

Which Celtic festival inspired the modern tradition of Halloween?

What is the name of the haunted hunting club in Dublin where hellish rituals are rumoured to have taken place in the 18th century?

In which city in Northern Ireland would you find what is often called one of the best Halloween festivals in the world?

Which of these spooky castles in Ireland's Ancient East plays host to The Bloody Chapel, the site where a man murdered his brother for the family seat?

Which famous author from Ireland wrote the legendary novel Dracula?

What would you find at the centre of a barmbrack, a traditional Halloween cake filled with raisins from Ireland?

Did you know that jack-o'-lanterns were originally used to ward off evil spirits? Which of these was NOT originally carved into a face for Halloween?

Ancient Celts dressed up in animal skins on Halloween, giving us the tradition of wearing costumes today. But do you know why?

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