Rachel Quinn Ceramics

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Cloonacurra, Ballinacarrow, Ballymote, Sligo,
Ms Rachel Quinn
T: +353(0)719167767

Rachel Quinn has been a ceramic artist for the past 15 years. Her studio is in Ballymote, County Sligo, a 15 minute drive south from Sligo town. Rachel is a member of the 'Made in Sligo' craft collective showcasing the highest quality craft on offer.

Rachel Quinn Ceramics is located in Ballymote, in County Silgo. The proprietor, Rachel Quinn has had a passion for clay ever since she first experienced a pottery workshop during her fine art studies. Rachel has pursued this passion ever since, setting up her studio.

The effect the country surroundings have had a huge influence on her work where the mythological stories have provided a wealth of inspiration for Rachel’s figurative pieces, which are her own depiction of the old myths. The fauna has been captured recently in her new range where plants have been embedded in clay almost like a fossil of old.

Visitors are welcomed to the studio where the processes each piece must undergo will be explained to them. On certain occasions, a visit could involve witnessing the Raku firing technique after which the pieces are then expertly taken out of the kiln at 1,000 degrees.