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"We'll Walk Hand In Hand" by Martin Lynch

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Sean Hollywood Arts Centre 1a Bank Parade, Newry, County Down,
T: (028) 3031 3180

A new play by Martin Lynch marks the 50th anniversary of the Northern Ireland civil rights struggle.

A new play by leading Northern Ireland playwright Martin Lynch, We'll Walk Hand in Hand plots the lives of two working class kids from Belfast, Vincent and Lesley. They meet at University in 1967 and soon find themselves at the centre of the explosive student reaction to the Civil Rights movement.

Their involvement in the movement leads to confrontations with their disapproving families and ultimately to conflict with each other. Vincent and Lesley are confronted with decisions that mark their lives forever.

When the story leaps forward to 2018, their granddaughter, Michaela presents the older Vincent and Lesley with a different kind of Civil Rights challenge, the play explodes in an entirely different direction. We’ll Walk Hand In Hand explores what civil rights meant in 1968 and what it might mean in 2018.

A co-production by Green Shoot Productions and Queen’s University, We’ll Walk Hand In Hand will have an exciting combination of professional actors and community participants.