Turning Ireland even greener

Origin Green

In a world looking to expand food production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability is the key. Introducing Ireland’s exciting Origin Green initiative.

Origin Green echoes the theme at the very heart of EXPO Milan – the need for mankind to ensure sufficient, healthy and sustainably produced food for future generations. The scheme brings together Ireland’s food producers, businesses and state agencies, and encapsulates our quest to become a world leader in sustainably produced food and drink while protecting our land’s rich natural resources.

Organic Irish treats
Organic Irish treats

You have only to drive through the Irish countryside to see the famous forty shades of green at every turn. Tucked away in the north-west corner of Europe, Ireland is blessed with a gentle climate, warm sea currents and enough rainfall to produce the lush greenery that gives this Emerald Isle its nickname.

Perfect Pastures

These natural advantages have made Ireland a truly agricultural nation. This land has been farmed since humans first arrived here and quickly realised that the soft climate and gentle landscape made it ideal for cultivation and a place where livestock could wander freely. In fact, cattle and sheep grazing peacefully on hillsides and pastures is one of the sights that visitors most enjoy.

Ireland’s agricultural heritage is a part of its national character. Farms are proudly passed down from parent to child and families nurture the land and keep it safe for the next generation. It’s this loyalty to the land that makes Ireland’s farmers such superb custodians of the countryside. And this in turn is why the Origin Green scheme – the only sustainability programme in the world that operates on a national scale – has been so enthusiastically embraced.

Sustainability is an idea that sits well with a people who have been used to working with, not against, nature for centuries. Origin Green offers plenty of support to help people work together on a wide range of goals, including reducing packing, waste and emissions, and working with the rhythms of nature to increase productivity without putting a strain on the land. Crucially, those involved in the scheme are open to independent verification of their work, making Origin Green a project with real muscle.

A World Leader

The signs of success are obvious. Ireland already has among the most carbon-efficient dairy and beef production in the European Union, and our sustainable water management compares well with other countries. With Origin Green’s ambitious but achievable goals, Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board) is confident that we can turn Ireland into a world leader in sustainable food production.

And that’s good news for everyone.

Organic Irish treats
Organic Irish treats

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