A breath of fresh air

Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin city
Great For
  • Culture
  • Cuisine
  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Known For
    Friendly people| literature | great food | traditional pubs | music
  • Major Attractions
    Dublin Castle | Phoenix Park | National Museum of Ireland | Kilmainham Gaol | Temple Bar
  • Transport Hubs
    Dublin Airport | Belfast International Airport | Dublin Port | Rosslare Port |

Visiting Dublin is like taking a great big breath of fresh air. Always invigorating, this Viking city is at once modern and historic, exciting and relaxing. No wonder Lonely Planet chose the city as one of the world's top 10 cities to visit in 2016!

But how will your Dublin adventure begin?

Dublin is now a truly cosmopolitan capital, with an influx of people, energy and ideas infusing the ever-beguiling, multi-layered city with fresh flavours and kaleidoscopic colours.

Lonely Planet

Aboard the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship on the River Liffey? Alongside the wild deer in the Phoenix Park? Or walking through 1,000 years of story-filled history? Maybe you’ll find yourself charmed by picture-postcard villages along the coast. Or you could simply ignite your passion in a good old Dublin pub, frequented by the wordsmiths who called and call this UNESCO City of Literature home.

Really, though, we can’t tell you how your Dublin adventure should unfold. But we can suggest this: take a deep breath and let Dublin do its thing.

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