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A Photographic Walkabout

Jun 24 2018
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PLACE 7-9 Lower Garfield Street, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
T: (028) 9023 2524

Join Belfast architect Aidan McGrath (McGonigle McGrath Architects) on a walk around the city.

Join Belfast architect and photographer Aidan McGrath (McGonigle McGrath Architects) on a walk around the city, where we'll be looking at and talking about the architecture, viewing it with a fresh perspective.

We will make images, concentrating on the character of the buildings, rather than simple record making; we'll find visual interest in detail and explore the potential in pattern making with architectural features. We will seek beauty, or at least visual interest, in texture and the juxtaposition of colours and materials.

We will chat about Belfast, its architecture and we will discuss technical issues such as lenses and cameras and also technique. We'll have an entertaining chat and we will, hopefully, create some images which capture the essence of the city.

We advise all our tour guests to wear comfortable footwear and waterproof clothing if it looks like rain.