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Lough Conn

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North Western Regional Fisheries Board, Ardnaree House, Abbey Street, Ballina, Mayo,
T: +353(0)9622788
F: +353(0)9870543

Lough Conn is located in Ballina, County Mayo and is a game angling lake. It has large stocks of fighting brown trout which attract the angler.

The vast majority of trout caught on Lough Conn are taken on wet flies when trout are moving near the surface during the seasonal fly hatches but, even in the valley periods, between hatches, it is nearly always possible to attract the attention of a trout to a team of well-presented wet flies.

The chief fly hatches of interest to the trout are chironomids, lake olives, mayflies and sedges. Other forms of food are fresh water shrimp, fresh water louse, snails and various land-based insects that get blown into the water such as daddys, sedges, etc.