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Lough Gur i-Trails

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Discover the history, mythology and culture of this fascinating heritage area through two unique tours.

Explore the ancient wonders of Lough Gur through two unique tours.

Lough Gur in County Limerick is one of Ireland’s most important archaeological and historical sites. Find out more about this mystical and enchanting place of stone circles, megalithic tombs, crannogs, ring forts and castles, through two new iTrails.

Magical Lough Gur iTrail
Enjoy the natural beauty of Lough Gur as you are guided along some 2km of gentle hillside and shoreline paths, while listening to many centuries of facts, fairy tales and fantasies associated with this magical area.

Legendary Lough Gur i-Trail
Whether you hop on a bike, sit at a steering wheel or just go on "shanks' mare," you'll be blown away with the spectacular stories and sights that await you along this 4KM i-Trail!

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