Saint Mullins

St. Mullins Slí na Sláinte

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St Mullins, South Carlow, Carlow,

The 6.30km walk starts in the heart of scenic St.Mullins village. The Map Board is located outside the Graveyard Wall. From here you have a good view of the Monastic Ruins, Norman Motte and Bailey and the river Barrow.

The 6.30km walk starts in the heart of scenic St.Mullins village. Around by the side of the Graveyard you proceed down a steep hill, passing by the remains of a flour-mill to the river Barrow. Turn right onto the Barrow tow-path and continue by the river towards Brandon hill. Enjoy the wild flora and fauna along the river wildlife habitat, paasing by St. Mullins Lock Gates, the Island draw-bridge, the Weir and continue up to an 18th Century Lime Kiln. Watch out for swans, grey herons, duck, water hen, kingfisher and otter.
Turn off the tow-path here asnd take the path that leads into Bahana Wood. (Bahana means birch). Follow the forestry road through the wood. As you proceed to the top of the Wood lane you will see breath-taking views of the Blackstairs and Leinster mountains.
Arriving at the Craiguenamanagh St.Mullins road you turn right and follow this road back to St.Mullins village. Just at the top of Templenabo hill you will see on your left, the remains of the Early Christian Church of Templenabo. From this vantage-point you will have almost a bird’s eye view of the village of St.Mullins and its surrounds. Continue on downhill past the Green, back to where you started. You should feel proud that you have completed the 6.27kms.

Slí na Sláinte walks are marked by bright colourful signposts which are not numbered and are situated at 1 km intervals, you'll find Slí na Sláinte walk routes all over Ireland.
Simply follow the Km signs, set your pace to suit your enjoyment and you'll quickly feel better and get fitter. You will also experience
a great sense of achievement.