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64 Carrowreagh Road, Armoy, Co Antrim,
T: (028) 2075 1327
F: (028) 20751327

Charlie's, Armoy is a well established cottage type dwelling situated near the Dark Hedges.

This charming little dwelling, originally the Old School House and seat of learning for the area, was given to Charlie McCooke in the forties by Leslie McAuley (then owner of the surrounding farm). Charlie converted it into a family home and lived there until his death in 1996. Charlie, a local celebrity, was from a large family and was a well known runner, winning many medals and cups. In the 1940's he could often be seen on his practice run - a round trip to Logans Fashions! He, like his brothers, had a natural talent for running and was both a local and regional champion in his day. The property bears his name as a tribute. The dwelling was restored by the Morrison Family who have farmed the surrounding land since the early fifties and have a prize winning herd of Belgian Blue Cattle.
Now firmly established as a self catering cottage and known as Charlie's, Armoy it is close to the historic village which has a rich heritage, also to the newly opened Hedges Hotel complex and the Gracehill Golf Club.
In recent times Armoy has become famous for the annual motorbike races and the legend of the Armoy Armada, all local men who have made this sport famous worldwide.
This is the area where the Ulster Scots is spoken freely, the hamely tongue. You only have to listen! Also Irish Traditional music abounds. Many pubs and hotels do "Sessions". i.e. if you can play an instrument,
just turn up and join in and the welcome will be great!