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Mise Éire The Show

Sep 02 2019 - Oct 01 2019
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19 Middle Street, Galway City, Galway,

Mise Éire The Show is a journey through Ireland’s magical history with traditional Irish Music, Song and Dance.

Mise Éire The Show is a fascinating journey through Ireland’s past visiting different characters and events in Irish history and bringing them to life with traditional Irish music, song and dance.
Learn of Grace O’Malley, the pirate Queen of Connacht and Cu Chulainn the Irish Warrior.
Hear of the history of The Claddagh Fishing village in Galway and the story of The Claddagh Ring.
Come aboard a ship sailing to America during the 1800’s and the story of Annie Moore, the first registered name to cross the threshold at Ellis Island.
Stand on the steps of the GPO during the 1916 Easter Rising and learn of the 7 men who signed the Proclamation of The Irish republic.
The show features stunning photos, video footage and drone footage or Ireland’s landscapes.
The show is suitable for all ages and nationalities.