Emy Lough Looped Walk

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Emy Lough, Emyvale, Monaghan, Republic of Ireland
A-B. Starting A-B. From the mapboard follow the purple arrow along the road for 600m to a junction with a minor roadway on your right - turn right here.

B-C. Follow this minor roadway through the townland of Emy for 1km - Emy Lough keeps you company on your right along the route. After 1km watch for a laneway on your right - turn right here. After 100m watch out for a metal structure on your right - this is a sluice gate which is used to drain water from the lake when it is in flood. After another 100m the roadway swings sharp left - but you turn right and join a sandy roadway onto the shore of the lake.

C-A. Continue to follow the purple arrows along this sandy roadway (developed by the local community in consultation with local landowners) as it takes along the lakeshore and through beautiful copses of native woodland. After 2.5km you arrive back to the trailhead.