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Ardmulchan Church

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Kells, Meath,

Ruins of Ardmulchan Church and Graveyard date back to the late 12th Century. The ground floor of the square bell tower remains almost intact.

The ruins of Ardmulchan Church and Graveyard lie on an elevated site overlooking the River Boyne. Probably built in the late 12th Century, the church’s remains include, at the west end, a handsome square bell tower. The tower’s ground floor is almost intact, vaulted with an elaborate stairway.

Very little else of the original building is extant, but the site offers luxuriant views of the Boyne’s historical landscape – the ruins of Dunmoe Castle, the round tower at Donaghmore, the belfry of Slane Abbey.

Did you know? Many sites along the River Boyne are connected with the Celtic cow goddess, Bóinn (from which the valley derives its name).