Lough Gur Visitor Centre

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Near Bruff, Lough Gur, Limerick,

The crannog-shaped Lough Gur Visitor Centre tells the story of the pre Celtic settlers who farmed and lived in the peaceful valley of Lough Gur, 21km's from Limerick City.

Lough Gur Visitor Centre, in Lough Gur County Limerick, houses a number of exhibitions detailing the fascinating archaeological finds in this area.

An audio visual show and display panels on the geology, botany, zoology and archaeology of the area are combined with local folklore and Celtic Festivals while the centre also houses replicas of famous finds in the area.

These include Stone Age pottery, the famous Bronze Age Lough Gur Shield (now housed in the National Museum) and the Countess of Bath chalice and paten.

Such a rich archaeological area provides evidence about the activities of the first farmers in the region, their dwellings, rituals, and burial sites as well as their tools and implements.

The social history of the Lough Gur region includes famous emigrants such as Boss Croker, and the lough Gur Visitors Centre records his influence on New York politics. There is also information on Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy's ancestors.