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The Chocolate Warehouse

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Mulcahy Keane Industrial Estate, Greenhills Road, Walkinstown, Dublin,

The Chocolate Warehouse, in Walkinstown Dublin, is a family friendly venue where visitors can enjoy the story of chocolate with hands on experience.

The Warehouse runs two hour long Chocolate Workshops. These workshops begin with an introduction to the story of chocolate. A short film shows the journey of the cocoa bean and the process the bean goes through to get the chocolate we know today.

The chocolate demonstration shows the visitors how hand made chocolates and chocolate Easter Eggs are made. The visitors make their own box of chocolates and then proceed to decorate bars of chocolate ready to pack to bring home.

At the end of each workshop there is a chocolate quiz. Then each visitor receives a Chocolate Warehouse Certificate for graduating from The Chocolate Warehouse Workshop.

In December, Santa Claus can be seen tasting the chocolate and at Easter, the Easter Bunny comes to visit.