Inishnee Loop

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Clifden, Galway, Republic of Ireland
A-B. Starting from the mapboard at the bridge on the island, follow the purple arrow along the minor roadway for 1.5km to reach a 3-way junction. You will return to this point from the left later - for now continue straight.

B-C. Continue to follow the minor roadway for another 1km to reach a Y-junction. The loop turns left here, and starts to climb gently to reach Reilig Naomh Maitiú (St Matthew’s Graveyard) on your right. It’s well worth a visit.

C-B-A. The loop continues to follow the minor roadway until it peters out and becomes an old stone laneway which takes you back to the junction mentioned at B above. This time turn right and enjoy the 1.5km trek back to the trailhead.