Heir (Hare) Island Regatta

Aug 14 2014
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Heir (Hare) Island, Skibbereen, Cork, Republic of Ireland

Annual regatta for traditional lobster boats, Heir Island sloops, topaz dinghies, drascombe luggers, Dublin Bay mermaids and especially for 2014, your old mirror, plus all in the dinghy category.

The Heir Island Annual Regatta was revived in 2007 and has gone from strength to strength since then - in the process raising over €12,000 for Baltimore Life Boats.

Heir Island was the birthplace of 2 unique boats - the Heir Island lobster boat and the Heir Island sloop. The former was built by the great grandfather of current ferry skipper Richard Pyburn, the latter by current resident Gubby Williams. They are celebrated annually at this regatta along with Dublin Bay mermaids, topaz dinghies, drascombe luggers. Especially in 2014 recycled mirrors are welcomed in an effort to have these venerable dinghies rejuvenated. All other dinghies are catered for in the dinghy category.