Bespoke Tour The complete Causeway Coast and Glens Touring Experience from £150 pp

Apr 27 2017 - Jun 30 2017
From £150.00 pp

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This tour is tailored to provide the day you want to have in our beautiful country. We help you with your choices and we deliver beyond your expectations. This tour is ideally suited for cruise ship visitors.

On your tour with us, you can find ancient castle ruins, early Christian settlements, and historical graveyards. St.Patrick spent time here and famously brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century. Prior to St. Patrick’s arrival our history is recorded in Mythology, folklore and legend and here in the heart of County Antrim you will find Celts and Gaels who are proud of their past. This is the place to explore for the culturally curious visitor, we celebrate our culture here, it is central to our identity, and we keep it alive in our language, our literature, in our sports. There is an array of talented people here who celebrate our culture in art, music, song and dance. This tour presents our guests a chance to meet and mix with the most genuine of people.