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Duncannon Fort Visitor Centre

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Duncannon Fort, Duncannon, Wexford, Republic of Ireland
T: +353(0)51389454

Explore the distinctive star-shaped fortress in Duncannon County Wexford, built to defend the Wexford and Waterford coastlines against the Spanish Armada and protect merchant ships from plundering pirates.

Duncannon Fort in County Wexford dates from 1588, built to repel the Spanish Armada, and to stop the pirates plundering the merchant ships of their riches on their way up Waterford Harbour. Built on the site of a Norman Fortress, it was successfully defended against Oliver Cromwell.

The fort played host to King James II and William of Orange during the Williamite-Jacobite War in Ireland (1689 - 1691). It played a major role during 1798 and was rebuilt at the time of Napoleon. Handed over by the British in 1922, it was last used and rebuilt by the Irish Army during WW2.

Duncannon Fort is once again taken over and occupied on the June Bank Holiday Weekend every year, by re-enactors and military vehicles from throughout the ages of time and history. The colour and pageantry of this event is unsurpassed.

At other times of the year, the fort still makes for an exciting visit, as it is home to a Toy Museum, Art Gallery, Maritime and Military Museum, Croppy Boy Cell, Officers Tea room and a Craft Shop. There are spectacular views across the estuary to County Waterford and down to Hook Head.