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Ye Olde Hurdy-Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio

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Martello Tower,, Abbey Street, Howth, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Mr Pat Herbert
T: +353(0)868154189

The museum of vintage radio located in the Martello Tower in Howth, County Dublin, houses a collection of exhibits chronicling the history of telecommunications from the 1840s to present day.

There are many examples of early Morse equipment, gramophones, crystal sets, valve radios and other pieces of equipment.

Pat Herbert, the curator, is always on hand to demonstrate some of the many working exhibits.

Fittingly, the Martello Tower has historic links with Marconi and Lee de Forest, two of the fathers of wireless, who conducted early experiments from the tower in the 1900s. It was also the site where the first communications cable from Holyhead in Wales to Ireland was laid in 1852.

The Howth Martello is one of a network of towers built as lookouts for an expected Napoleonic invasion.