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Tireighter Wedge Tomb

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Park, Londonderry, Londonderry,
T: (028) 9054 3034

Located south of Park village, Tireighter Wedge Tomb dates from the early bronze age and is ...

On a broad SE-facing slope which falls from the site to the R.Faughan, with panoramic views NE-E-SSW. This is a very well preserved wedge tomb orientated E-W, 7.55m long, 5.75m wide along the facade at W & 3.8m wide at the back. 2 large lintel stones are visible inside the tomb. An open chamber, 2m long near the back is formed by 2 sills, one 1.9m long & the other 2.15m long. There appears to be a 2nd chamber between this slab & the facade, though it is filled with earth & smaller slabs. It appears undisturbed. On either side of the facade is a portal stone averaging 1.6m high. At the back, the end stone on the S side is 0.7m high. A slight height of cairn material is visible near the facade & along the sides.