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Seagoe (Saint Gobhan's)

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The townland and parish of Seagoe have a rich Christian heritage.

The townland and parish of Seagoe derive their name from 'Suidhe Gobhan', the seat of Gobhan. Gobhan was a saintly man, who according to tradition had set up a monastery on the banks of the River Bann in Iveagh in Ulster and was leader 'of a thousand monks’.

There has been a Christian tradition in the area since the 6th century. The remains of a 15th century church can be seen in the peaceful oasis that is Seagoe Cemetery.

The ‘Seagoe Bell’, originally found in Scarva Parish, was used for many years during funeral services at Seagoe. It is now held in Dublin Museum. The inscription, ‘Oro Tarchun Mascacham Ailello’ Pray for Cumascach, the son of Ailill, places the bell circa 904 AD, another telling reminder of the pervasive history of Christianity in the area.