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Birr Castle Demesne & Historic Science Centre

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Birr Castle Demesne, Birr, Offaly, Republic of Ireland
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E: mail@birrcastle.com

The great telescope constructed at Birr Castle in the 1840's, the largest in the world for seventy years, is now fully restored and looks and moves just as it did one hundred and fifty years ago. Ireland's Historic Science Centre features pioneering achievements in fields of astronomy, photography engineering and horticulture.

Ireland’s award winning gardens, set in one of Ireland’s beautiful Georgian heritage towns, Birr Castle Demesne offers a combination of fun, relaxation and discovery to all who visit. Best known for the unparalleled beauty of the gardens, the grounds are home to an impressive plant collection with rare species from around the world, including over forty champion trees of the British Isles. The millennium gardens reflect a French style formal garden and include plants exclusive to the demesne. It also proudly houses the world’s tallest box hedges and beautiful pathways of hornbeam cloister.

Ireland historic science centre and great telescope. Travel back to the time of the earlier Earls and Countesses of Rosse, when Birr Castle was a hub of scientific discovery and innovation. The interactive museum reveals the wonders of early photography, engineering and astronomy, with a special emphasis on the third Earl’s great telescope, a leviathan creation that remained the largest in the world for over seventy years.

Become our friend and enjoy the demesne throughout the seasons by becoming a friend of Birr Castle Demesne. Individual membership €75 and family membership €110. Contact us for further details.

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