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Irish Landmark Trust Termon House

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Dungloe, Donegal, Republic of Ireland
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Termon House is an 18th Century land agent's house, near Dungloe in the heart of the Gaeltacht area in County Donegal. It was built by Marquis of Conyngham and is available for rent.

The house was built by the Marquis of Conyngham for his agent, but archaeological remains in immediate surroundings indicate a much older occupancy.

The house has a stormy history. Local anecdotes and the archaeological evidence present a picture of absenteeism, land clearance and emigration. The property consists of the house and the adjoining barn within a three acre plot, a typical Donegal rural settlement, as it was at the moment of abandonment in the mid nineteenth century.

The house, is common with all Irish landmark properties, is faithfully restored and fitted out with period furniture.