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Charter Boat "SMOOTHHOUND"

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Pier Head, Mullinasole, Laghy, Donegal Town, Donegal, Republic of Ireland
Mr Richard Timony

Charter Boat "SMOOTHHOUND" is a comfortable, fast, offshore, twin engine fishing boat. Fishing Donegal Bay and West Donegal Year Round. All rods, tackle and bait are supplied and are top quality.

Charter Boat "SMOOTHHOUND" fishes the abundant waters of Donegal Bay all year round.

Smoothhound is a powerful, 700hp twin engined offshore workboat with all equipment and conveniences for a good day at sea. Smoothhound is always immaculately maintained and her skipper is a professionally qualified master with 25+ years experience.

Fishing in Donegal Bay is rich and varied with regular catches of 20 or more species in one day. Smoothhound normally targets bottom dwelling fish such as Cod, Ling, Pollock, Skates, Rays, Tope, Spurdog, Gurnard etc. We find these fish while drifting over reefs and on the margins of hard ground and sandy muddy bottom. For Skates, Rays & Tope is is often better to fish on the anchor and bait the ground letting these shy fish find the scent trail and the hook.
Seasonally we like to troll for midwater species and often use birds or diving boards to mainiain the troll at the desired depth.

Weather conditions are never really a problem in Donegal Bay as there is always shelter available, when the outer bay is unsuitable we move east and fish the inner bay in the tidal channels and among the drumlin islands near Donegal Town.

The harbour facilities at Teelin, Killybegs, Inver, Mountcharles, Donegal Town, Mullinasole, Creevey, Bundoran and Mullochmore provid Smoothhound with many options for pick up and disembrking passengers.

Charter Boat "Smoothhound" is licensed to carry 12 passengers and 2crew. We base our prices on 10 passengers at €60 per person but wll cater for smaller groups and can tailor our offering to suit the group.

Please feel free to call and discuss the options or best fishing plan for the season.