Lough Boora - Farmlands Loop Walk

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Kilcormac, Offaly, Republic of Ireland

Explore Lough Boora Parkalnds with a 7km walk on the Farmlands Loop.

A-B. Start from the carpark opposite the birdhide on the Cycle Path Road. The trailhead is marked by a mapboard. Walk along the tarred road in the direction of Kilcormac – there is a galvanised shed in the distance. Continue for 400m to reach a crossroads with a barrier on the roadway to the left. Turn left here onto a farmland roadway.

B-C. Continue along the roadway fro 1km – through farmland with cattle and sheep, and passing a number of sheds, until you reach metal container on your right) which are the base for the Model Aeroplane Club. Approximately 50m past the containers turn tight onto a sandy bog road.

C-D. Follow the bog road past Tumduff Mor Wetlands to reach a wooden birdhide on your left.

D-E. Continue on the bog road for a further 200m, veering to the left at a Y-junction. After 500m you reach a crossroads with large boulders on the roadside. Turn left here in the direction of a cattle shed 200m away.

E-F. Follow the tarred roadway past the cattle shed and reach a T-junction – turn right here. After 1 km you reach another T-junction in the midst of a plantation of coniferous trees. Turn left onto Cycle Path Road.

F-A. After 200m pass Loch and Dochas on your right – the trailhead is only 200m ahead!

About Lough Boora
The Lough Boora Parklands is a beautiful new landscape hidden at the centre of Ireland - a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, which until now has been an unshared secret. Over recent years large tracts of bog have been cutaway (an area of bogland that has come out of production once all commercial peat has been removed). But what was to be done with these vast expanses of land? In 1994 the Lough Boora Parklands Group produced an integrated plan for the Boora cutaways - embracing environmental and socio-economic concerns. And so, through a creative combination of nature and human hand new habitats are emerging on the cutaway bogs of Co. Offaly. Lands cloaked with great raised bogs for 10,000 years, which were harvested for energy since the 1940’s, are today establishing a unique and welcoming habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna.