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Lough Boora - Sculpture Loop

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Lough Boora Sculpture Loop is a 3km walk through Lough Boora Parklands. Discover some of the most innovative land and environmental sculptures in Ireland.

Lough Boora Parklands host some of the most innovative land and environmental sculptures in Ireland. The artists, inspired by the rich natural and industrial legacy of the bog lands, have created a series of large-scale sculptures that are now part of Sculpture in the Parklands permanent collection. A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts interested in its unique flora and fauna, now enhanced by innovative works of art that change with the weather, through the seasons and the years.

A-B. Start from the carpark opposite the birdhide on the Cycle Path Road. The trailhead is marked by a mapboard. Cross the wooden footbridge and follow the sandy path for 200m to cross over the embankment and descend to the ‘standing timbers’ sculpture.

B-C. Take the narrow sandy track which veers to the right around the back of the large stone Boora Pyramid.

C-D. From the pyramid continue along the sandy track through bogland and past a series of unusual sculptures created by artists in this unique landscape of cutaway bog. The end of this section is marked by a metal footbridge over Crooked Brook.

D-E. After the footbridge, the sandy pathway swings right and follows Crooked Brook for 200m – an old turf (peat) train is permanently parked high on an embankment on your left. Turn left, climb the embankment past the front of the train, and turn left onto the sandy path keeping the lake on your right.

E-A. After 200m you exit at a small car parking area onto Cycle Path Road. Turn right here – the trailhead is on 200m away.