Loughcrew Cairns

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Corstown, Oldcastle, Meath,
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The Loughcrew Cairns are one of Ireland’s archaeological treasures and can be found just 3km east of Oldcastle, County Meath. The site comprises a group of 5,000-year-old Neolithic passage tombs.

The Loughcrew Cairns, also known as the ‘Hills of the Witch’, are a group of Neolithic passage tombs dating back 5,000 years. They are situated just 3km east of Oldcastle in County Meath.

The tombs are spread out over three different hills and inside Cairn T, this is one of the best preserved and most accessible tombs at Loughcrew. Caine T appears to be the central tomb of the whole complex. It faces the rising sun at the vernal (March) and autumnal (September) equinoxes which shines through the passage to illuminate symbols carved into the back wall of the chamber, corbelled roof and stunning examples of Neolithic art.

This tomb is reputed to be the resting place of Ollamh Fodhla a legendary King of Ireland.
During the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, people traditionally gather at dawn to watch sunlight enter the Cairn T chamber and illuminate the interior of the tomb.

Last admission to Cairn T 45 minutes before closing. Guides will always be in attendance while visitors go inside the tomb, a max number 7.

Average Length of Visit: 1 hour. The last admission to Cairn T is 45 minutes before closing.

Recommended Clothing: The climb to both sites is very steep and visitors are asked to wear suitable footwear and to be careful.

Disabled Access: Unfortunately, there is no access for visitors in wheelchairs.

Public car/coach parking area, toilets.
Please note that the approach road is very narrow and extreme caution is needed.