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Photowalk Dublin – Relaxed Walking Tours with Historic & Photographic Guidance – Choose from four tours or a made to measure one. History tours with the time & guidance to capture great images of our city.

Photowalk Dublin – Relaxed Walking Tours with Historic & Photographic Guidance

Photowalk Dublin's four walking tours are designed to cater for every taste and a made to measure option ensures nobody is left out.

The four tours are:

Docklands Tour:
An exciting journey along the revitalised river front with interesting diversions off river...

Georgian Tour:
A step back in time to an era of grandeur, with elegant streetscapes and city squares...

History Tour:
Jam packed with great venues & amazing stories of the past.

City Tour:
A combination of the present & past, reaching through history to the origins of our city.

Bespoke Tours:
A tour for people who want to visit places not covered in our normal tours or at specific times, all enquiries welcome.

Photowalk Dublin's four fascinating walking tours are suitable for tourists, natives, corporate visitors & school tours and visit the most interesting & photogenic places in our Capital City.

Your Tour Guide, Popular Photographer Paul Freeney, a native Dubliner, has over thirty years experience in Photography and has had several successful Photographic Exhibitions, appearances in national & local Radio & Press, he hosts regular workshops and presentations to Photographic Societies and has a life-long passion for the History of his City.

What makes Photowalk Dublin different ? Walking Tours have always presented a problem for photographers. Most of us have had the experience where we have heard the amazing story of a particular building or place while on a walking tour. Then suddenly the tour guide starts moving on to the next place on the tour leaving photographers in a position where they only have time for a quick snap and the opportunity is gone, the alternative being that they get the images they wanted but their tour has disappeared around the corner on their way to the next stop.”

Photowalk Dublin changes that situation by combining a relaxed History Tour with not only photo opportunities but photographic guidance, ensuring everyone goes home with the history of each place visited as well as great shots and some new found techniques too.

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