A Global Greening

Something is different about Rome's Colosseum...and The Empire State Building... and the Tower of Hércules in Spain. They’re all green. Why would that be?

For all those folks who can't be in Ireland to #GoGreen4PatricksDay on March 17, the world is going green! Ancient monuments, shiny new landmarks and iconic artworks are all going green in honour of Ireland and St Patrick. What does that look like? Keep reading to see how the world went green in 2014!

Going green

Going green This year, to celebrate St Patrick, the world is going green. The world. Think Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the London Eye, Niagra Falls, Munich’s Allianz Arena or City Hall in Houston, Texas. Even Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland® Paris is turning green...

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A minty version of San Francisco’s Town Hall, complete with green puddles.

What would Hans Christian Andersen think of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid going green?

The riddle of the Sphinx: “Love the green, but am I not usually sandy colored?”

A green Coit Tower standing out on the San Francisco skyline.

"The Greening Tower of Pisa." Maybe they'll keep it this way all year?

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