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Wander Inn

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Johnstown, Waterford City, Waterford, Republic of Ireland
T: +353(0)51873750

Wander inn is a traditional pub, full of the “Irish Charm”, a place to meet the real local people, enjoy good drink, good company and feel safe while relaxing and socialising. John Aylward has been proprietor of the Wander Inn for over 50 years and his outlook today is as fresh as it was all those years ago. Welcome to Waterford’s top local!

We are what people like to think a "family pub" should be. A place where the mature drinker likes to frequent - by mature we do not mean in years, but in attitude to alcohol. A place to feel safe while socialising, a place to enjoy the company of like-minded people. The Wander Inn is what we like to be thought of as "an oasis of sanity in an ever changing world!". That is how a customer described the pub and it is still as true today as it was then, many years ago. In a survey, Wander Inn was voted the Top Local in Waterford and it is easy to see why! It is a combination of the people who serve there and the customers that make it the place it is - friendly, a place to feel comfortable, enjoy the craic, tell stories and listen to the experiences of others and still pay a moderate, reasonable price for whatever you drink. Wander Inn is situated in the "Old Town" of Waterford City, which makes it very accessible and both local and visitor can walk to the pub. The less active can avail of the handy public bus service or the taxi cars that abound and the Wander Inn has ample private car parking available to customers. Designated drivers who would like a cup of tea or coffee can have it in the Wander Inn. A full range of soft drinks, beers, stouts and spirits are available but the customers always have a healthy respect for the amount consumed. What others have written about the Wander Inn: "The Wander Inn, Johnstown - now this is a local with a difference for it is three bars in one. There is the bar or Snug as the lads call it, where the regulars congregate to chat over the events of the day, swop yarns and tell stories. Mind you, we did not say lies, but some of what we heard was hard to swallow!! Nevertheless, it was great fun." "The second feature of the Wander is the lounge. Spacious and airy, it is designed with a feature counter that is the focal point. The counter lends itself to conversation for all those seated there, as everyone can see each other. The ideal place for the stranger to become one of the gang. It is easy to feel welcome as the staff and customers are a homely lot, full of the hospitality that Waterford is renowned for." "The third bar is a function room which can accommodate 170 people and as it is self contained it is the perfect venue for a private party.

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