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A Terrible Beauty The Birth Of The Irish Free State 1916-23

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In just 2 hours, this award-winning and entertaining 'seminar on the street' conducted by history graduates of Trinity College, explores the main features of Irish history - Dublin's development, the influence of the American and French Revolutions, the Potato Famine 1845-49, the 1916 Rising, the War of Independence, partition - and concludes with the current peace process.

Although the 1916 Rising itself was doomed to failure, it paved the way for the sweeping success of Sinn Fein (Ourselves Alone) in the 1918 general election and the establishment of the first (underground) Dail Eireann (Irish Parliament).

There followed the War of Independence against British forces (including the notorious Black and Tans), led by Michael Collins and the Irish Republican Army. The Anglo Irish Treaty of December 1921 which recognised partition, ended one conflict and started another. Sinn Fein and the IRA split into pro and anti Treaty factions and civil war raged until May 1923, a split which still dominates Irish politics today.