Masereene Bridge

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Court House Market Square Towns Parks, Antrim, Co Antrim,
T: 028 9442 8331

Located on Bridge Street, on the south side of Antrim town centre.

Located on Bridge Street, on the south side of Antrim town centre, this bridge straddles the Si-Mile Water and is best viewed from the riverside paths. It was built by Lord Massereene in 1708 to benefit the local people by joining the town of Antrim to the little hamlet of Massereene where Bridge Street became the main road to Dublin.

The bridge, the major crossing point from the south, played an important role in the Battle of Antrim on 7th June 1798. An advance party of loyalist troops crossed it to attack the rebels. Routed and facing a massacre many fled back across the bridge where some leapt, in desperation, into the river. When the main body of troops arrived, another successful charge was led across the bridge. Later, blocked-wheeled carts were seen carrying rebel corpses across the bridge to be buried in large pits on the south bank of the Six Mile Water.

The bridge remianed the main crossing point for the people of Antrim for nearly three hundred years with major repairs being carried out by the Town Commissioners in 1857. Today, since the building of a new bridge in the 1970s, it carries only local traffic.