Downlaod your Gathering Gestures App

2013 is the year of The Gathering. What’s The Gathering you ask? Put simply, The Gathering is a yearlong party and countrywide celebration of everything Irish. We’re opening our arms to hundreds of thousands of friends and family, both new and old, from all over the world to come and share the very best of Irish culture, tradition, sport, fighting spirit and the unique sense of Irish fun. To help you out once you get here, we’ve designed The Gathering Gesture app.

The Gathering Gesture App
The Gathering Gesture App
What’s a ‘Gesture’. Well, a gesture can be anything from a complimentary cocktail to a discount at an Irish restaurant or a complimentary car upgrade if you’re renting a car. Gestures are our way of saying ‘Thank you’ for taking part in The Gathering. The app also details the thousands of festivals taking place for The Gathering too. If you’re coming to Ireland in 2013, you need this app! Available in both Apple and Android.

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