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Guesthouses in Nordirland

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  1. Avenue House

    Avenue Guesthouse is a lovingly restored Victorian Townhouse ideally situated in South Belfast. Mehr

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  2. The Mourne Lodge, Cnocnafeola

    The Mourne Lodge is in the tranquil village of Atticall between the Silent Valley and Spelga. Mehr

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  3. The Haven

    Located at the foot of the Mourne Mountains overlooking the Irish sea with the Glen river ... Mehr

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  4. Hillview Farm

    Large country farmhouse, recently refurbished and situated down a long private lane. Mehr

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  5. Malone Suites

    Our beautiful Suites allow you the feel of luxury in a more private setting across from the Hotel Mehr

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  6. Hilltop

    This delightful bungalow is situated 8.5 miles from Belfast City and 5 miles from Lisburn. Mehr

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